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Swissflex 兒童眼鏡
Swissflex kid eyewear

SWISSFLEX loop kids

Innovative system for best wearing comfort


100%  swiss-made


Mission 使命

Eye-Systems is a pioneer in manufacturing high-tech polymer eyewear and was founded in 1998. Their goal is to develop and produce a superior quality Swiss product with a special focus on comfort and well being. This idea led to SWISSFLEX, the world’s lightest, high-tech polymer eyewear!

Eye-Systems 於1998年成立,專門用高科技聚合物生產眼鏡框。她旨在研發和生產舒適的優質瑞士眼鏡。這個理想孕育了世界上最輕的高科技聚合物眼鏡品牌 SWISSFLEX!

Frame 鏡框

The high-tech polymer mixture of the SWISSFLEX frames represents the ideal combination of stability and flexibility - optimal conditions for the most comfortable frames in the world.

SWISSFLEX 鏡框所用的高科技聚合物結合了柔韌性和穩定性,成就了世上其中一個最輕巧舒適的眼鏡系列。

The frame of kid eyewear in 3 sizes (36,38,40) adjusts to the shape of the lens.

童裝眼鏡框有三個尺碼 (36,38,40)可跟鏡片大小調節。

like wearing nothing


The mission of SWISSFLEX is to make the world’s lightest, high-tech polymer eyewear!

SWISSFlex 的使命是製造世上最輕的高科技聚合物眼鏡框。

SWISSFLEX eyewear is renowned for its supreme high-tech quality and lightness. Their product lines incorporate clean sophisticated designs and an anti-toxic material combining rigidity, heat resistance, excellent dimensional stability, chemical resistance and FDA approval. SWISSFLEX’ standout features include a modular assembly with interchangeable temple components, adjustable earpieces, patented nose pads for optimum fit and the dermatological benefit of no metal or screws used on the frame.

SWISSFLEX 眼鏡以高品質和輕巧閒名。其產品系列結合了簡約設計和無毒材質。整個系列均用了美國食品藥物管理局 FDA 認可的物料,不但強韌、耐熱而且穩定。SWISSFLEX 的特色包括組合式可更換框臂,可調節位置的耳套,舒適的專利鼻托設計。為了體貼小朋友嬌嫩的皮膚,整支眼鏡框也不需要金屬和螺絲組裝。

swissflex ultra light weight

Temples 框腿

The thermoplastic temples can be modeled individually and thanks to the practical click-in technology, they do not need any more (metallic) connecting parts.


Swissflex kid glasses

Endpiece 框腳套


The thermosensitive endpieces adjust to the shape of the head according to body temperature. Special materials and shapes provide for individually optimized support.


Nose pad 鼻托


The ergonomic pads in various sizes prevent pressure points, provide for safe support and optimally adjustable visual points without fatiguing the eyes.


swissflex 兒童眼鏡

Safe 安全


SWISSFLEX frames are made of high-tech, anti-toxic MCP (Micro Crystalline Polymer), and HPP (High Performance Polymer). This material meets U.S. Pharmacopeia requirements and is both medical technologically and FDA approved (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). In our SWISSFLEX eyewear you will find only top quality polymer material – they are absolutely metal free.

SWISSFLEX 鏡框由高科技的無毒MCP (微晶聚合物) 和 HPP (高性能聚合物) 製造。這種物料達到美國藥典要求及獲美國食品藥物管理局 FDA 認可。SWISSFLEX 高科技聚合物眼鏡框,絕無金屬成分。

Swiss made. Swiss quality




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