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100% made in Italy




Visual clarity when it's snowing or in cases of high exposure to sunlight



The magic of snow and ice, the charm of the sun on the peaks, the unmistakable smell of the air at high altitude. Whether you choose a sweeping downhill track on skis, or an adventurous off-piste raid on a snowboard, a rewarding ski touring trip, or go for long distance using free technique, the mountain requires of its athletes not only great physical skills, concentration and dedication, but also sensitivity and respect for nature.

To all lovers of snow in all its variations, Rudy Project has designed a series of ski goggles and glasses, always able to guarantee:

獻給每一位雪上運動愛好者,Rudy Project設計了一系列的雪鏡和眼罩,提升大家雪地上的運動表現和安全:

  • Perfect stability on the face thanks to the total comfort system, with adjustable terminals and nosepiece.

  • 全靠舒適設計,可調節框架和鼻托,完美的穩定在臉上。

  • Super lightweight, thanks to the innovative materials such as Kynetium™, Grilamid®, carbon and titanium.

  • 創新材質 (Kynetium™, Grilamid®, 碳和鈦) 的使用,構建出超輕盈的雪鏡。

  • Total protection from blows due to falls or shocks thanks to the ImpactX™ lenses, guaranteed for life against breakage and cracks.

  • 終身防破裂的 ImpactX™ 鏡片為滑雪運動員提升終極的撞擊保護。

  • Perfect vision in any environment and light conditions thanks to the interchangeable lenses system, Quick Change™.

  • Quick Change™鏡片更換系統能在任可天氣和光線環境,為配戴者提升完美的視覺體驗。

  • Optimal vision and shielding of UV ray reflections on the snow thanks to the photoclear lenses.

  • 透過高清光學濾鏡,阻擋UV紫外線,提供視力。

  • Protection from the cold and the air with a series of specially designed skiing goggles.


For those who suffer from sight defects, Rudy Project has created a system that allows you to insert a corrective insert in the skiing goggles.


The removable Nose Protector® gives extra protection against external conditions (stones, rain, sun) without hindering the rider’s breathing.


A system of two lenses specifically treated to avoid misting.



Raleri - Rugby goggles

Raleri - Rugby goggles

Progear - sport goggles

Progear - sport goggles

Centrostyle - sport goggles

Centrostyle - sport goggles

Rudy Project - technically cool

Rudy Project - technically cool

Rudy Project Ski Goggles

Rudy Project Ski Goggles

Prescription Swimming goggles

Prescription Swimming goggles

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