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enchroma colour deficiency glasses 色弱眼鏡


Glasses for color blind

enchroma 色弱/色盲


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performance enhancement for 75% of color deficiency individuals.

(enchroma cannot help people pass Ishihara test)


(enchroma 是不能助人通過 Ishihara 測試的)

Please come to try it and feel it.​


There are 3 types of enchroma filters catering the need of different types of color problems.


enchroma colour deficiency glasses 色弱眼鏡

How enchroma glasses work​

Over ten years of research in field of laser physics and mathematics, enchroma uses the technology of medical laser protective goggles to block particular part of light spectrum selectively and precisely. By altering the composition of light entering the eyes, the discrepancy of output signal by red and green cone photo-receptors will be boosted. Enchroma lenses can alleviate "color confusion" problem of color deficiency and color blind people.   

Enchroma specialty lenses enhance color contrast between red and green colors. It provides a colorful world to wearers.

enchroma 的原理

經歷超過十年的數理研究和測試,enchroma 利用特別的醫學激光護鏡技術,選擇性地過濾和排除一些會使色弱人仕引至顏色混淆的光線。從而,增強眼內綠色和紅色光感錐體細胞輸出訊號的差異,減少配戴者對顏色混淆的情況。

enchroma 的專門濾鏡可增強紅綠顏色的對比度,緩解色盲症狀,為配戴者帶來更繽紛的體驗。

enchroma colour deficiency glasses 色弱眼鏡
enchroma colour deficiency glasses 色弱眼鏡

There are 6 different specialty lenses in enchroma family to cater needs of different color vision problems for outdoor and indoor activities. In general, under bright sunshine, enchroma lenses provide the best result. That is why most enchroma wearer will prefer the outdoor lenses. The use of indoor lenses is mainly for dim environment activities, such as cooking, computer activities and watching television. Enchroma encourage you to visit the Hong Kong official stores to try and feel the power of enchroma lenses. In order to appreciate the vivid world, usually it takes 30min for the brain to get use  to

enchroma 色盲輔助眼鏡系列有6種不同的濾鏡給戶外和室內不同光線環境之使用。一般而言,大白天的晴朗太陽配拾enchroma outdoor 鏡片效果最為顯著,所從大部份配戴者也會視之為首選。至於室內用鏡片則是專門為較低光度環境如烹飪、使用電腦和看電視而設。如要達到最佳效果,enchroma建議親臨本中心試戴體驗。一般然而,我們的大腦需要30分鐘適應才可以感覺到enchroma的效果。

enchroma colour deficiency glasses 色弱眼鏡
enchroma colour deficiency glasses 色弱眼鏡
enchroma colour deficiency glasses 色弱眼鏡


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