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Vision Over 40 · Presbyopia

Presbyopia / Old-sight / Reading difficulties:


Presbyopia is a condition that usually happens when we get older. It means that our eyes gradually lose the ability to clearly focus on objects that are close to us. This can make it difficult to read small print or see things up close. It's a type of vision problem that many people experience as they age.


Presbyopia is a condition that usually starts around the age of 40 and makes it harder to see things up close, like text on a phone or in a book. You may also experience headaches or eye strain when reading or looking at digital screens. In some cases, it can even cause neck pain and stiffness.



As we age, the lens inside our eye hardens and can't focus on close objects properly, causing blurry vision.

Reading Problems Solutions

Mini screening for lag of accommodation:


As you age, you may start to have trouble seeing things up close, like reading small text or sewing. This is a common condition called presbyopia. One way to tell if you have it is if you find it easier to read text on a green background than on a red one. If you think you might have presbyopia, it's a good idea to see an optometrist for a thorough eye exam to see what can be done to help you see better.

Presbyopia can be managed through various options, including:

1. Single vision reading glasses, which are suitable for close reading only.

2. Bi-focal glasses, which are designed to improve vision for both distant and near vision.


3. Progressive (multi-focal) glasses, which can improve vision for distant, intermediate, and near vision. (learn more about this option).

4. Multi-focal contact lenses that are specifically designed for presbyopia.


5. Nighttime contact lenses that are designed to address presbyopia.

Progressive lenses

Far, mid, near

Three-ranges usage.

convenient, seamless

Progressive lenses

Regain good vision effortlessly with your new set of progressive lenses.


These innovative spectacle lenses are a sight to behold, providing seamless vision from distant to near objects. Not only will they enhance your vision clarity, but they'll also give you a smart and youthful appearance. However, it's crucial to recognize that not all progressive lenses are created equal. To fully meet your unique requirements, lifestyle, and budget, it's necessary to choose the right progressive lenses. These lenses should offer natural and comfortable vision that suits your individual preferences. Optometric services from a qualified professional are required to guarantee the perfect fitting and dispensing of your progressive lenses.

Reading Problems Solutions
 progressive lenses HK
hard soft styles of progressive lenses

In order to fully benefit from the optical performance of progressive lenses, it is important to consider the uniqueness of each individual's face. As no two faces are the same, even the right and left sides of our faces are not symmetrical. Neglecting this aspect during the production of progressive lenses can result in up to 40% loss of valuable visual performance.

To address this issue, our center takes into account the wearer's facial profile, such as how the frames sit on their nose and ears and how they look through the lens. With the aid of state-of-the-art equipment, including the i.Terminal®2 from ZEISS, our opticians can obtain an objective image of the spectacle wearer with the frames. This enables us to precisely and objectively measure the parameters required for the production of personalized progressive lenses.

The benefits of our precise progressive lenses fitting and personalized progressive design include natural vision, enhanced vision clarity, and relief from eye strain. Visit our center to experience the benefits of our advanced equipment and personalized approach to vision care.

Zeiss progressive lenses
Nikon - progressive glasses
Hoya progressive lenses
essilor progressive lenses
Reading Problems Solutions - progressive glasses
Reading Problems Solutions

3. 色弱 / 色盲檢測


Presbyopia contact lens

natural, comfortable,

wide field of view

Multifocal contact lenses

Presbyopia multifocal contact lenses:

As we get older, it can become harder to see things up close, like reading or using your phone. This is called presbyopia, and it's a normal part of aging. If you don't want to wear glasses, contact lenses can also help you see better. At our center, we have different types of contact lenses that can help with presbyopia, including ones that can correct for astigmatism (when your eye is not perfectly spherical) and ones that you can wear at night. We'll help you find the right kind of contact lenses for your eyes so you can see clearly again!

Mulifocal contact lenses vs Progressive spectacle lenses:

old sight reading multifocal contact lenses compare

Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses vs soft multifocal soft contact lenses:

multifocal contact lenses - presbyopia
naturalvue multifocal contact lenses
NaturalVue Hong Kong
multifocal reading contact lens Hong Kong
multifocal reading contact lens Hong Kong
multifocal reading contact lens Hong Kong
reading contact lenses


More services

Eye Exam

Our Centre provides eye test for Adults and children from two and half years old. The eye test covers refractive errors, visual functions and eye health assessment.

Myopia control & Orthokeratology


our centre also provide myopic control and orthokeratology service to kids and teenagers on indication.

Specialty contact lens services

In our center, we fit specialty contact lenses, such as rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, hybrid lenses and scleral lenses.

​Health Care Voucher

Our optometrists are appointed Health Care Service Providers of Health Care Voucher Scheme. Eligible Elderly may use Health Care Voucher for payment of eye examination and eyeglasses fee. For more information, you may contact us by telephone number 21530008 for eye examination booking.

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