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Woman checking vision with trial frame at eye clinic
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Welcome to, Hong Kong's premier vision care center.

Our center was founded by a team of experienced and compassionate optometrists and eye care professionals, committed to providing comprehensive and personalized optical and eye care services.

At, we utilize the latest and most advanced eye examination equipment to conduct thorough vision and refractive error tests, as well as evaluations for eye conditions such as strabismus, color blindness, depth perception, external eye and cornea health, cataracts, glaucoma, and central and peripheral eye exams (including dilated exams). We also offer contact lens fitting, corneal reshaping, myopia control services, and vision training.

Our team is dedicated to explaining our findings and providing tailored advice and recommendations based on your specific needs, ensuring that you have a complete understanding of your eye health.

To ensure our patients receive the best care possible, we offer comprehensive eye health reports detailing our findings, so you can have a clear understanding of your eye health.

Come visit for caring and attentive vision care services.

Our Mission

Are you in search of a vision care center that provides comprehensive, professional services with a touch of style? Look no further than, the Eyesight Hong Kong Optometry Center!

We take great pride in our exceptional eyeglass and sunglasses fitting services, which complement our expert eye testing and vision care services. Our wide range of high-quality eyeglass frames from around the world have been carefully curated to offer our customers the perfect fit and style for their unique facial features and preferences. Moreover, for those who need additional assistance in selecting the ideal frame, our friendly and knowledgeable image consultant is readily available to offer expert advice.

At, our commitment to excellence transcends eyeglasses to cover our professional vision and eye health checks. We strive to provide a thorough and personalized experience to ensure that your eyes remain healthy and vibrant.

Trust is our top priority, and we take great care to earn it. Our team of experienced and empathetic optometrists and eye care professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality services and attentive care to each of our customers.

So, visit us at and discover the ideal fusion of professionalism and style for all your vision care requirements. We anticipate the opportunity to serve you!


"See well, look great"


About Us

Health Care Voucher

eye test + spectacles

Bill for eyeglasses can be paid by Health Care Voucher,

after the eye examination done by qualified optometrist.

Health Care Voucher
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